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Our purpose is to train future leaders of our country. Our never ending belief in our students and faculty has led us to be recognized as one of the highest quality computer institute in academia.

At our insitute, students flourish in a kind and supportive environment. We focus on structuring proper class sizes and a curriculum that is both individualized while meeting if not exceeding accredited standards. Our teachers help students to reach their ultimate academic potential and succeed in achieving their goals.

From Director`s Desk



Dear,Parents, Guardian,Teachers and my students


25TH OF Feburary 2002 , the day Ascent Computer Zone came into existence and today 25th of February 2013, the long experienced successful 11 years and now we are celebrating 12th Foundation Day of Ascent Computer Zone. We have seen so many students from every part of Nawada within this eleven years, many are working in good companies , Banks, DRDA, Post Office etc. , Recently one of my girl student was selected in state Bank of India Nawada branch, I don’t know if she is still here or had been transferred. All these things haven’t come in just one Day it took time and hard work from both side ie from the student side as well as from institute side.

You have to chase excellence and success will follow . The education system should do away with the grading system and rote learning , student should be encouraged to develop an inquisitive and critical mind that can take various challenges in life. Institute should be flexible in their approach towards teaching and not follow a rigid curriculum that hampers the creativity and pace of learning of a student. Student should be taken to historical places if they are learning about it. Institution is like a thermometer, it only records the temperature , it is for the others to diagnose and suggest treatment. But a few thoughts can be shared here. Teaching in most of the institution is geared to finishing the courses rather then ensuring that students have understood and keeping pace. There are no in-built machine in institution for identifying student who are not learning which can help them to catch up. So it is our duty to see that each and every student is learning so that there money is not going in vain. It is very important to have a very simple tools that can be used by both student and teachers on to how to learn in an institution. Most of us would say that we do have free will, we can do anything we wish , if we want to wear red shirt instead of blue we can do it, if we want to have sandwhich instead of pizza we 



can do it, if we want to take off from work for one day we can do it like wise if we have a wish that I have to learn instead of saying I am not capable you can do it.

The education system should not only focus on honing the reading and writing skill of an individual but also on developing his/her other intellectual faculties such as communication, introspection and caring among others. Talent can only manifest itself when one truly loves one’s work. Student should make their own mistake and learn from life. Student should be like a scientist always willing to experiment and result you are going to produce with the bang.

I now like to thank all my teachers,parents,guardins and never the less my students, without whom I wouldn`t have been able to run this institution....


Our Students

Our students are individual personalities, seeking to develop skills and competencies specifically provided in our formal institute curriculum.

Our Teachers

Our tutors and teachers are professionals who are fully experienced in their area of work and have the ability to impart knowledge and skills accurately and lead our students to successful learning processes both in theory and practice.